Home Games News Cosplay. The Vortex Campaign unleashes a number of stressful surprises on a first-time player, from enemy doomstacks spawning in your own territory to short windows of time to act. I have created this guide to give the wise the knowledge they need to understand and prepare for these surprises and thereby avoid the frustration of having to reload a previous save from many turns prior, or perish the thought, having to restart a whole campaign.

Guide to Eye of the Vortex Campaign Reason for Guide I have seen a large number of Reddit and other forum posters say they hate the Vortex campaign; or they simply never play it because there is Mortal Empires. Others post about how they were not ready for the final victory condition event and lost or had to load a far previous save file to prepare better. That happened in my first Vortex campaign with Kroq-Gar, I realized I was not ready I didn't have Kroq-Gar ready with a doomstack and had to reload a save to better prepare.

There is also the unpleasant stress of seeing 6 enemy army doomstacks spawn in your own territory that nothing prepares you for. At least with the Chaos Invasion in Warhammer 1 and Mortal Empires, Chaos spawns in a specific area and then moves toward your territory, like the Huns in Attila.

Obviously if you do not know how the campaign works it would be prudent to play a Normal to Very Hard NOT Legendary difficulty campaign and save every turn so you can learn the campaign and reload previous saves if you realize you screwed up. But why must thousands of players suffer such thousands of hours of wasted time due to reloading even just a 5 turn previous save file, when those with experience have the knowledge to prevent that.

I regret not making this guide sooner, but I shall rectify that now. Enjoy this guide on how to prepare for the Vortex rituals and the Final Battle.

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Note that some Races and Factions do not participate in the Race for the Vortex even when playing on the Vortex map. If you complete the Final Ritual, you will have Five 5 turns to start the Final Battle, where you will be the Defender.

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Quick Very Important Note! You need to be ready with your Faction Leader the Legendary Lord you started the campaign with and a Top Tier army ready to go or at least able to be recruited immediately you do not want your leader in a wounded statebecause if you are not ready and do not fight the battle within the limit, then you have to repeat the Final Ritual, which takes 20 turns and spawns multiple doomstacks TWICE during those 20 turns!!!

The Final Battle consists of each of the other 3 ritual race factions' primary Legendary Lords Tyrion, Malekith, Mazdamundi, I think Queek for the Skaven but not certain attacking you in waves to try and stop you from winning thankfully they don't all attack you at once, the next army enters the battle as soon as you defeat the previous enemy.

Then I think one final enemy force I think Skaven makes a final assault to stop you. If you win, you win the game, if you lose, you lose the game. Important - The AI can finish the final ritual before you. If they do, this will also prompt the Final Battle with 5 turns to fight it, where you will be the attacker and must attack and win.

If you win, then the faction who started the ritual is out of the competition; but you have not won the game yet, you still must continue on with your rituals so that you can do the Final Battle as the Defender.Home Games News Cosplay. Repanse de Lyonesse's campaign can be a fast and fun campaign of stomping Tomb King faces into the sand. This guide is here to help you achieve victory and glory; and not end up bleached bones in the desert sands. If you win, you win the campaign.

NOTE that as soon as you hit Chivalry, the Errantry Battle choice will pop at the beginning of the next turn, so save beforehand if you want to fight both battles. If you choose Vampire Coast, the marker will spawn in the ocean north of Aranessa Saltspite's island.

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Either way, I always recommend for fighting a Bretonnian faction's Errantry battle that you bring an army composed mainly of Royal Hippogryph Knights. Makes for a stupidly easy win. Move your armies into a settlement in order to carry up to 5 turns worth of water with them. This is a unique mechanic for Repanse's campaign. Turn 1 Do not turn on research yet.

Attack the Vampire Counts army to your east and Auto-Resolve that battle apparently auto-resolve does better than you likely will per ItalianSpartacus.

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Do whatever Diplomacy you can, try to get trade agreements, and try to get the AI to pay you for trade agreements or non-aggression pacts. End Turn. Turn 2 Change Repanse's stance to normal, move into Copher, then back out of Copher toward Martek, have the 2nd Lord give his troops to Repanse especially since he cannot afford the knights yet and have her start recruit 4 Knights Errant units to get her army to an 18 unit stack.

Turn 3 Move your 2nd Lord near Martek first, then attack Martek with Repanse, win, then sack Martek I tried just occupying it, but Martek was still reduced to Tier 1, so might as well boost your treasury.

total war warhammer chaos doomstack

I recruited another Lord, so my projected income was Too low to recruit Knights Errant. Recruit 4 more Men-at-Arms in Repanse's army. Build a Weaving House in Martek.

Turn 4 Attack then Sack then occupy Al Hakik.

total war warhammer chaos doomstack

Confederate with the Knights of Origo when the dilemma pops up choose Unite Together. The Lord you get from Origo can be the 4th lord in your posse.

Rogue Armies

Decide which units in Origo's former army you want to keep and which to disband, you have to at least get down to the Peasant Cap which will now be I'd disband the Polearms but keep the trebuchet. Capture it, which will cause the Knights of the Flame to confederate with you.

You will also be able to make non-aggression pact and trade agreements with the Dwarves. Then take out Snikch asap. Take out Sudenburg to complete control over El Kalabad's province. You now have a nice base of operations, take the fight to Khemri and the other Tomb Kings, and win.

Be careful fighting The Sentinels, I don't think they attack you until you attack them, but once you declare war on them, they will totally come after you hard. Get Repanse's skill that give her army fire attacks.Please register for Total War Access to use the forums.

total war warhammer chaos doomstack

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I can only agree with what have been said I always liked it when I sent my empire troops to support Kislev in their war against chaos. Now should they only come from the north? They could use different routes to attack the Empire. Like Tamurkhan did, whose chaos horde invaded the Empire through the Border Princes from the south But randomly appearing Chaos hordes are for the most part stupid I have to admit that those would be fluffy for Skaven and Beastmen.

Please just make a new and easier difficulty for people who dont want it. The AI needs all the help it can get in this game. Or even better let us choose what rules we want. Do we want the increased upkeep? Enable it. Something like second wave for xcom. God I hope the doom stacks are true. Suck it up snowflakes, chaos isn't chaos unless it is big and scary.

You get some warning. I guess you better prepare for it. I think part of the reason chaos doomstacks appear and beeline to the player is that in TWW1, there were times youd never see Archaon.

Some dude in Kislev would kill him. I do agree that they should spawn from up North. But thats my challenge thats spawning.

My end game. Let them rush me with everything. Just dont make that origin random. Also the size and scope of the armies spawned is reflective of the difficulty.The Chaos Dwarfsknown as the Uzkul-Dhrazh-Zharror the Dawi-Zharrwhich means Fire-Dwarfsare an industrious, dark-souled and merciless warrior race of Daemonsmithsslavers and brutal killers that dominate the dark and cheerless landscape of the Dark Lands. Long separated from their fading kin of the west, the Chaos Dwarfs have given themselves over to their dark master, and Chaos has worked subtle changes on their bodies.

They are the darkness and evil of the Dwarf race given form, slowly mutating even the notoriously resilient Dwarfen physiology, inflicting twisted terrors on their minds and souls so that they have become a spite-filled and calculatingly cruel reflection of what they once were. Unlike other Dwarfs, the Chaos Dwarf are deeply learned in the sorcerous arts, and have become obsessed with the control of hellish forces and the fires of the deep earth, combining the dark lore they have gleaned with an artisanship and skill for metalwork and industry undimmed from their ancient past.

They build the greatest and most infernal warmachines this world will ever know, hulking cannons the size of houses or shrieking rockets that could obliterate entire villages into ruins. From their massive mile-spanning hell-factories deep within the Dark Lands, shielded by deadly mountain ranges and set amid desolations of industrial waste and the haunts of monstrous beasts, the empire of the Chaos Dwarfs has faded into legend to many in the Old Worldbut those forced to confront their implacable black-iron clad armies and savage war engines know the truth.

The day may yet come when the armies of dread Zharr-Naggrund march forth once more, bringing their infernal warmachines to sow misery and mayhem to all four corners of the world. Many thousands of years ago the Dwarf race moved northwards from its ancestral home somewhere in the Southlands. They moved along the high ridge of mountains known as the Worlds Edge Mountainsfollowing the trail of mineral ores and precious gems.

The Dwarfs spread amongst the mountains, driven onwards by their lust for the secrets of rock and metal. Over a period of many hundreds of years they dug shafts and excavated cavernous underground cities, they sank mines deep into the mountain roots, and constructed tunnels which carried them further north.

Eventually, some time in the dim and distant past, the Dwarfs reached the upland region at the far north of the Worlds Edge Mountains which they called Zorn Uzkul or the Great Skull Land.

Here they found a vast and inhospitable plateau where the air was thin and cold and the rocks barren. Many turned back south to swell the growing numbers of Dwarfs in the Worlds Edge Mountains, others turned west into the cold lands of Norscabut some of the most adventurous turned east and then south along the bleak Mountains of Mourn.

At first these widespread Dwarf kindred maintained contact with each other, but the eastern Dwarfs strayed far and when the Time of Chaos came the northern regions were cut off forever. The Dwarfs of the west believed their eastern kin dead, destroyed by the tides of Chaos that came from the north, but they were mistaken. Chaos did not kill the hardy Dwarfs, instead it worked a dreadful change upon them.

Each Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer will, inevitably, one day slowly transform into an immobile stone statue. The change starts with their feet, which turn grey and useless, before progressing throughout the rest of their body.

Many of them use their sorcerous engineering to construct new steam driven bodies for a time, but they too eventually succumb to the curse.

Their immobile forms now line the road leading to the centre of their mighty empire, the Tower of Zharr-NaggrundCity of Fire and Desolation. It is the labour of generations of slaves, surrounded by mountainous piles of displaced rock from the mines that gouge the landscape surrounding the tower and slag from the countless forges of the Chaos Dwarfs. At the apex of the tower sits a vast temple dedicated to Hashut, which is watched over by the fierce Bull Centaurs.

Bull Centaurs long ago mutated from Chaos Dwarfs, doubtless after Hashut had an influence on the race. They have the lower bodies of bulls and the upper bodies of heavily muscled but fanged Chaos Dwarfs. They are fearless and terrible, reveling only in the spilling of blood and glorifying the Father of Darkness.Warriors of Chaos warbands represent a mixture of terrifying barbarian warriors and chaos hounds supporting them. In addition, the Race Pack added some units to the pre-existing roster.

These extra units will not appear in the game at all unless you purchase the DLC however, the base WoC roster will still appear.

Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Archaon the Everchosen. Encourage : This unit provides a leadership bonus to nearby allies. Units within range of both the Lord's aura and an encouraging unit will receive the larger of the two bonuses.

Hide forest : This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close. Immune to Psychology : The unit is immune to psychological attacks fear and terror. Kholek Suneater. Can Cause Fear : This unit frightens all enemy units, reducing their leadership when nearby. It is also immune to fear. Fear penalties do not stack. Can Cause Terror : This unit can cause terror, making its melee target rout for a short time.

Units that cause terror are immune to terror and fear themselves. Prince Sigvald the Magnificent.


Expert Charge Defence : When bracing, this unit negates the charge bonus of any attacker. Strider : Speed and combat penalties caused by terrain are ignored by this unit.

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Sarthorael the Everwatcher. Unbreakable : This unit does not suffer any form of leadership loss and will never rout. Chaos Lord.

Is this the Greenskin Doomstack?

Chaos Sorcerer Lord Death. Chaos Sorcerer Lord Fire. Chaos Sorcerer Lord Metal. Chaos Sorcerer Lord Shadows. Exalted Hero.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you.

Total War: Warhammer review

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. How best to start your first 10 turns, this is based on very hard difficulty, but works great with lower difficulty and can work on legendary difficulty if the RNG gods favour you.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Longtoke Offline. Guide Index. Turn 1. Turn 2. Turn 3. Turn 4. Turn 5. Turn 6. Turn 7. Turn 8. Turn 9.All Rogue Armies are minor, non-playable factions. Rogue armies are warbands of desperate outlaws, and are often comprised of unusual combinations of troops.

Rogue armies will appear from time to time, and will eventually seek to establish a permanent presence on the campaign map by colonizing a ruin or assaulting an occupied settlement. The Tomb Kings and the Vampire Coast both must take on specific Rogue Armies to unlock features or complete campaign objectives. The various different Rogue Armies factions have different unit rosters. This often includes units from several different races.

See each individual Rogue Armies faction page for details on which units they can recruit. See Rogue Armies buildings.

Click here to add a strategy! One strategy is to destroy them as soon as they appear. For example with a guardian army patrolling around your settlements. These armies only appear during a Tomb Kings campaign, and each hold one of the Books of Nagash.

These armies will always appear, but if you are playing a Vampire Coast campaign then defeating them will allow you to acquire one of the Pieces of Eight to unlock your Regiments of Renown. Additionally, this army will appear and not move from it's location when playing as a Vampire Coast faction, and defeating them will allow you to obtain the Star-Metal Harpoonwhich is required for campaign victory. These armies only appear during a Vampire Coast campaign once you have raised your Infamy high enough.

Defeating them will teach you a verse of the Sea Shanty, which is required for campaign victory.

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Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Factions in Eye of the Vortex. Order of Loremasters. Cult of Pleasure.

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