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Prices were hit across the industry as a result of surplus supply, and revenue plummeted by Overproduction of shale oil in the United States strongly impacted the industry as new methods of extraction, such as hydraulic fracturing, came into more frequent use.

However, in recent years, the company has struggled to regain its former rates while Patterson UTI has been exceeding them. Meanwhile, Nabors Industries has not recovered as large a lead as it once held in the industry, with revenue still below that of Revenue of land drilling companies within the global energy equipment and services sector from to in million U.

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top 10 land drilling companies

Yes, let me download! Exclusive Corporate feature. Corporate Account.Mud recycling system for oil and gas drilling rig a very important part for drilling rig. Smart buyer will separate the mud system with rig rig. As China top 1 solids control company, in many cases, the customer will inquire GN better brand of land drilling rig.

They now give list of the top 10 land drilling rig manufacturer companies in China. Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co.

What Caused the Giant Piper Alpha Oil Rig Explosion?

Scope of business: design, develop and manufacture complete land and offshore drilling rigs and workover rigs, and provide equipment package, components, fittings, parts and full services. Main products: serial drilling rigs that are electrical or mechanical or electrical-mechanical compounded driven and suitable for different applications such as land, shallow, offshore and desert and meet the requirements of drilling and workover services.

The drilling depth ranged from to meters. Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Co. The company has been engaged in research, design, manufacturing and general assembly of oil drilling rig and equipments for oil exploration and development. The company produces mainly various land drilling rigs for drilling m to m wells and offshore drilling modules— DC drive drilling rig, AC VF electric rig, mechanical drilling rig, composite drive rig, trailer mounted rig and independent RT electric drive drilling rig, as well as their matched equipments, i.

LTD is one of the largest manufacturers for petroleum drilling rig equipment in China. It is a stock company, reorganized from Nanyang petroleum machinery plant former No.

LTD, with its technical center, information center and quality inspection center at provincial level, has possessed 16 production plants for forging, metal machining, heat treatment, steel-structure manufacturing, general assembly, painting and new product trial production, and 3 comprehensive testing sites for drilling rigs as well as 2 Sino-American joint ventures and 2 share-holding joint ventures. SJ Petroleum Machinery Co. Its arranges a wide range of businesses covering the scientific research and manufacture of the petroleum drilling equipment and oilfield engineering technical service.

The main products manufactured and supplied include drilling equipment, Oil pumping equipment, Special equipment for oilfield, Oilfield tubing system and auxiliary machines and tools. Kerui can manufacture various workover rigs and drilling rigs with drill depth from m to m.

All products meet API standard.

Top 10 Offshore Drilling Companies – Extensive Analysis

Shanghai petroleum equipment co. The 3H is conferred as: — the high-tech enterprise of shanghai municipality; — the advanced technology enterprise using foreign investment of shanghai municipality; — the core enterprise with well-known product of hongkou district of shanghai municipality; — the recommended demonstrating enterprise of intellectual property of shanghai municipality. Main business activity covers the design and manufacture of the following series of: — electrical, mechanical drilling rigs, and electro-mechanic rigs with the drill depth from 2, meters to 9, meters; — module offshore drilling and workover platforms, module offshore drilling rig, polar drilling rigs, and truck mounted rigs; — electrical driving control and system, and; — main rig components of crown blocks, traveling blocks, hook, mud pump, swivel, and etc.

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Through many years development, the company had been recognized and become well-known in petroleum industry achieved the superior position in the field of scale, product quality, technology ensuring and selling service and so on in petroleum equipment manufacturing in China. Please contact GN Solids Control for more and detailed contact information for more China largest oil drilling rig manufacturer company information.

Mud cleaning shale shaker for drilling rig. Cancel reply.Some horizontal drilling rigs are in operation in Texas, and more than half of them belong to three drilling companies.

Nabor Industries, a drilling rig operator headquartered in Bermuda with principal offices in Houston, ranks second with 42 active horizontal rigs. Calgary oilfield service company Ensign Energy Services ranks third with 33 horizontal drilling rigs deployed in Texas. Enverus estimates that drilling rigs are in operation across the United States and roughly half of them are in Texas.

Fuel Fix: Get energy news sent directly to your inbox. Three exploration and production companies contract about one-fifth of the horizontal drilling rigs operating in Texas, figures from Enverus show. Exxon Mobil, headquartered in Irving, has 35 drilling rigs in operation across the state. Poised to become the number one driller in Texas, Exxon Mobil has filed for more than drilling permits so far this year.

More than 87 percent of those were for projects in the Permian Basin followed by 7 percent in the Eagle Ford, 1 percent in the Haynesville and the remainder elsewhere in the state. More: Read the latest oil and gas news from HoustonChronicle. Midland exploration and production company Diamondback Energy, which drills exclusively in the Permian, has 20 drilling rigs in operation. So far this year, Diamondback has filed for drilling permits almost evenly split between the Midland Basin in the eastern end of the region and the Delaware Basin in the western end.

Irving exploration and production company Pioneer Natural Resources also has 20 drilling rigs in operation. The company has filed for drilling permits so far this year. Only one of those permits was for an Eagle Ford project while the rest were all for wells in the Midland Basin.

Caption Close. Image 1 of 6. Drilling Down: Top 10 drilling rig companies in Texas and their customers. Back to Gallery.

Top Drilling Companies

More Business News. Most Popular. Temporary bans won't help.It is the biggest offshore drilling contractor in terms of revenue not just in the US but across the world has a history of science and technology innovation, backed by strategic mergers and acquisitions. Offshore drilling services offered by Halliburton include horizontal and directional drilling, measurement-while-drilling, logging-while-drilling, multilateral systems, underbalanced applications and rig site information systems.

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Transocean Ltd. As its drilling rigs are mobile assets that can be moved according to prevailing market conditions, the company operates comfortably in a single market scenario as well as internationally. Ensco has a significant presence in the most strategic offshore basins across six continents. On Oct 6,Ensco acquired the Houston-based offshore driller Atwood Oceanics in an all-stock deal. The company used a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing to get its balance sheet in order.

Bankruptcy risk for Seadrill grew considering a crushing industry downturn and billions of dollars in debt that had to be serviced. However, the company has the most capable, newest fleets of drilling vessels in operation and a strong track record of efficient and safe procedures that make it an ideal partner for several oil producers.

Post declaration of bankruptcy, Seadrill sports a strong balance sheet. The investors are thinking smartly and keeping Seadrill on their radar, to engage once again after the company emerges from bankruptcy completely sometime in If things go right for Seadrill, is poised to be an excellent year.

The company owns and operates one of the most versatile, modern, and technically advanced fleets in the offshore drilling industry. The US based public limited company operates a fleet of 28 offshore drilling units, comprising of 14 drillships and six semisubmersibles along with 14 jack-ups.

These machinery are focused squarely on ultra-deepwater and high-specification jack-up drilling jobs, applicable across both emerging and established regions worldwide. The company has the only UDW fleet in the industry composed of all seventh-generation rigs, which delivers extra performance and safety features as requested by customers.

The company is financially powerful and has adequate cash to handle its commitments until The company provides onshore and offshore drilling services while encompassing nearly all types of rig and geographical areas. Following the acquisition of a surge of engineering companies, most prominently, Bouygues Offshore, Sofresid and Snamprogetti, Saipem has become one of the leading engineering and construction companies.

Weatherford Internationaldomiciled in Switzerland and operationally based in Houston is one of the leading offshore drilling companies and suppliers of a wide range of equipment and services for the oil and gas drilling industry, operating in nearly countries. Their drilling business is on its way to becoming a standalone independent drilling contractor.

By and large, it is a new breed service company that provides the industry more efficient operations, extended products and services and greater geographic diversity. The company operates globally with three midwater drilling rigs and four ultra deepwater drillships. Stena Drilling has been successful in obtaining commercial contracts for a majority of its fleet at attractive rates, thereby securing a prime source of cash flow.

The company works in the four major business segments including drilling services, marine, transportation services, geophysical services and well services, covering the exploration, production and development phase of the oil and gas industry.

The company is also grabbing substantial market share in offshore drilling services through dozens of its offshore, barge and jack-up rigs as well as a wide range of complementary oilfield engineering, management, and logistics services, making it one of the leading offshore drilling companies in the world.

Three of its semi-submersible drilling rigs are operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. A reliable brand name, KCA Deutag has won several new contracts in recent times.Welcome to Dividend.

Revenue of top land drilling energy services and equipment companies 2015-2020

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Find out how much your money can grow by using our Compounding Returns Calculator.The top 10 offshore drilling companies account for a significant portion of the energy generated in the form of oil and gas across the world. An offshore drilling company obtains crude oil and gasoline from the seabed and supplies to the global market. The top 10 offshore drilling companies are expected to maintain a steady growth for the period of forecast owing to the steep demand for crude oil and gas all around the world.

Presently, almost countries produce crude oil and gas, however, almost half of the global crude oil production comes from the top five oil-producing countries.

top 10 land drilling companies

Offshore drilling of oil had witnessed a decline in the past two decades, but recent market trends suggest there is going to be a growth for the list of offshore drilling companies due to surging prices of crude oil and high demand for fossil fuel across the globe for the coming five years.

An offshore drilling company is capable of extracting petroleum from as deep as 1, meters from the seabed. The top 10 offshore drilling companies registered a growth in their annual revenue in the previous financial year and they have thousands of employees with an operational presence in several countries. Here follows a comprehensive list of offshore drilling companies to give a holistic picture of the best offshore drilling companies across the world. Schlumberger is the largest offshore drilling company in the world with a wide presence in over 85 countries across the globe and there are more thanprofessionals employed with the offshore drilling company.

Schlumberger is among the top 10 offshore drilling companies and was established in the year The headquarter of this top offshore drilling company is located at Paris, France and is ranked higher than in the list of Fortune Global companies.

Halliburton is one of the top 10 offshore drilling companies in the world and was founded in by Erle P Halliburton. Halliburton is ranked among the largest offshore drilling company across the globe and has a presence in more than 70 countries employing over 50, people.

The primary services for offshore drilling of oil undertaken by Halliburton include measurements while drilling, directional and horizontal drilling, multilateral systems, and logging while drilling. Halliburton has its head office located at Houston, Texas, US. Fluor Corporation ranks at in the Fortune Global list and has more than 55, professionals working for this largest offshore drilling company. In addition, Fluor is one of the top 10 offshore drilling companies in the world and is headquartered at Irving, Texas, US.

Baker Hughes is another of the top 10 offshore drilling companies and was established by to be later bought over by the GE group in Baker Hughes, one of the largest offshore drilling company has more than 64, employees worldwide and is headquartered at Houston, the US.

Baker Hughes is a leading name on the list of offshore drilling companies in the world and has an extensive portfolio of services related to offshore drilling for oil.

Transocean was founded in with the merger of Sonat Inc with multiple companies into offshore drilling of oil.Transocean Ltd. Looking back atthe Transocean representative revealed that the company continued the development and training of its workforce and asked its employees for their opinions on how the company could improve. Transocean, which traces its roots back to the s, is an offshore drilling company with a focus on deepwater and harsh environments. There were no restrictions with regards to the age, gender, origin or job function of the respondents.

All comments are subject to editorial review. Off-topic, inappropriate or insulting comments will be removed. Rigzone outlines the top 10 drilling contractors oil and gas professionals want to work for, according to its latest Ideal Employer Survey. TOI must have paid good money for the 1 spot.

top 10 land drilling companies

People are their greatest liability according to the rich and greedy white collars in Houston. All of the integrity left years ago.

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That will tell me who is the best company to work for. Company: Transocean Ltd. Andreas Exarheas Editor Rigzone. Most Popular Articles.

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